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Women as First Chairs at Trial: Is the Pipeline Enough?

Law360 just published its "Trial Aces" list, which consists of 50 lawyers nationwide, 8 of whom are women.  The number is telling,  especially when viewed in the context of the new American Bar Association/American Bar Foundation report prepared by me and my ABA colleague Bobbi Liebenberg, showing that women are not taking lead trial roles anywhere close to the numbers we had expected based on women in the legal profession. 

Negotiating for Yourself: Winning a Ballgame or Going to the Dentist?

I’ve recently been thinking about negotiation styles, a long-time interest ever since I took my first “Getting to Yes” course some 20 years ago.  Lawyers who are good at negotiating on behalf of their clients may be less comfortable negotiating on behalf of themselves.

A continuing conundrum

The Winter 2015 issue of “Litigation,” published by the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation, uses “regrets” as its theme—particularly the regrets, or lack of them, by women in BigLaw.  Successful women partners expressed their continuing zest to practice law, for the intellectual energy, learning from their colleagues and their clients, the combination of process and surprise that litigation often involves, and working a job where you can keep your hands clean and also be well paid.