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Written by Theodore L. Banks
Antitrust and Competition Law: Where Is It Going in 2015?
Apr 10
Written by Theodore L. Banks
Partner Ted Banks, along with Eric Hinton, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at 7-Eleven, Inc., published an article, ‘The Biggest Compliance Mistake That Lawyers Make,’ in the In-House Access blog
Apr 09
Written by Christian Liipfert
Nearly everyone who has email at work uses it occasionally for personal correspondence. Similarly, many people use their personal email accounts for business communications.
Mar 27
Written by Stephanie A. Scharf
I’ve recently been thinking about negotiation styles, a long-time interest ever since I took my first “Getting to Yes” course some 20 years ago. Lawyers who are good at negotiating on behalf of their clients may be less comfortable negotiating on behalf of themselves. I invite you to take a look at this recent posting on ACC’s website, for some tips to make negotiating for yourself more like winning a ballgame. Read more here
Mar 24
Written by Deirdre A. Fox and Theodore L. Banks
Do you have an idea for a new food product? Great! But what are you going to call it?
Mar 19
Written by Stephanie A. Scharf
Although securities class actions are not growing in number, according to a recent poll, there are changes ahead
Mar 12
Written by Stephanie A. Scharf and George D. Sax
Consumer fraud class actions are costly to defend because they typically involve multiple plaintiffs, expensive discovery, and high financial and reputational stakes.
Feb 23
Written by Theodore L. Banks
A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial about the government's case against Apple for price fixing of e-books.
Feb 20
Written by Theodore L. Banks
Woodman’s Food Market is a chain of warehouse-style grocery stores in Wisconsin. As such, its sales strategy was similar to that employed by Costco and Sam’s Club: the ability to purchase groceries at lower prices by purchasing in large size containers.
Feb 13
Written by Stephanie A. Scharf
One of the ways to get a good result in litigation is knowing when to focus on which details and when not to.
Feb 12