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Written by Stephanie A. Scharf
The Winter 2015 issue of “Litigation,” published by the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation, uses “regrets” as its theme—particularly the regrets, or lack of them, by women in BigLaw.
Feb 06
Written by Stephanie A. Scharf and George D. Sax
Firm lawyers write amicus brief asking court to vacate largest judgment ever entered in Illinois
Feb 06
Written by Theodore L. Banks
On December 2014, a 57-page complaint filed by the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan sought to impose personal liability on the former compliance officer for MoneyGram International, Thomas Haider. It alleges that he willfully or recklessly failed to stop money laundering activities.
Jan 29
Written by Theodore L. Banks
Recent actions by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) challenging the by-laws of trade associations should therefore come as no surprise to anyone, yet some commentators have tried to ridicule the FTC’s actions.
Jan 22